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Pepp Talk is the official podcast for the Pepperdine University Athletics Department. With each episode, we interview the coaches, student-athletes, administrators and alums who help make Pepperdine such an incredible place.

Oct 17, 2016

On Sunday, October 16, the Pepperdine Athletics Department hosted its annual Hall of Fame ceremony. Just before the start of the event, we taped short interviews with each of the five inductees for this week's podcast. The Pepperdine all-time greats honored this year were Steve Rodriguez of baseball (1:19), Anna Picarelli of women's soccer (9:18), Julie (Rubenstein) Bennett of women's volleyball (17:07), Scott Doerner of men's tennis (21:48) and Michael Putnam of men's golf (28:42). Hear about their time at Pepperdine and what they thought when they got the call about being inducted into the Hall of Fame.