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Pepp Talk is the official podcast for the Pepperdine University Athletics Department. With each episode, we interview the coaches, student-athletes, administrators and alums who help make Pepperdine such an incredible place.

Mar 20, 2017

Pepperdine student-athletes Sahith Theegala of men's golf and Christine Maddox join the podcast this week. Sahith (1:15) recently had an amazing four-week stretch where he made the cut at the Genesis Open on the PGA Tour and won his first college tournament. Christine (24:03) was ranked third nationally in doubles as we taped this interview. Both are looking forward to leading their teams far into the postseason later this spring.

Fred (Dad) Wedel
over three years ago

Delightful interview with a first class gentleman and athlete.

over three years ago

Fantastic.inspirational for youngsters.lesson-hard work pays.