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Pepp Talk is the official podcast for the Pepperdine University Athletics Department. With each episode, we interview the coaches, student-athletes, administrators and alums who help make Pepperdine such an incredible place.

Aug 8, 2016

Marty Wilson is heading into his sixth season as the head coach of the Pepperdine men's basketball program. We discuss welcoming the newcomers to the squad, the quality of his veteran returners, recruiting, schedule-making and being the head coach at his alma mater.

Debra F
almost four years ago

I truly enjoyed this podcast with Coach Wilson. I've known Marty and his family since he was a young boy sleeping at his sister's house with a basketball tuckrd underneath his arm as he slept and probably dreamed of his future. I have followed him from middle school to many arenas and the road back to Pepperdine. I am proud to know and support the person he has become. A great leader and inspiration to others. I am #Team Coach Wilson. Go Waves!!